great food just MINUS the GLUTEN

About Us

Hey and welcome!


I’m Cristen and this little page is where I share my passion of all things food. I seriously love food. I cook, bake, take pictures of food, eat lots of food, and even went to school to study, you guessed it, food.


I received my B.S. in Food Science in 2013 and went on to work at several food processing facilities varying from meat to candy and chocolate. I’ve always dreamt of opening up a cute little bakery in a quaint little town when the time was right. That dream was briefly shattered when I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2017.


I quickly realized that I could still make delicious food just MINUS the GLUTEN. So that’s what this little space is all about. A place for me to share my passion and recipes.


Thanks for visiting and enjoy!



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